This is the store front which is just a short walk from Harvard Square. There are unique and quality items inside.

 Come Inside

  "We believe we have something for everyone, be it for you or gift or to collect. They are not light on your pocket but also delight to your heart. We have ranges of items, from oriental jewelry, singing bowls to eco friendly garments among others that comes from myriad of places like Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal and India. We do this through Fair Trade items are bought straight from the makers so the economy can continue to thrive and the quality of items will have integrity.We also carry rare artifacts for discerning collectors. Tibetan arts and Ritual items. Organic handmade leather Items. Verities of Scarves and shawls. Yoga and mediation items. Organic Handmade leather items. Tapestry, Mask, Incense, Carpets, And many more. Please come, not necessarily to buy, just to say hello and enjoy the ambiance."

Tibet’s Jinten

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